Unveiling the Marvel: Oppo F21 Pro’s Cutting-Edge Selfie Camera Sensor

which flagship level selfie camera sensor is the new oppo f21 pro equipped with?


One of the most requested features in the rapidly changing world of smartphones is the selfie camera. With the rise of social media and the selfie culture, smartphone manufacturers are offering their users the best front camera experience. Oppo, a well-known name in the smartphone industry, has recently launched its flagship device Oppo F21 Pro, which is equipped with cutting-edge technology and high-quality cameras. In this article, we will review this article. which flagship level selfie camera sensor is the new oppo f21 pro equipped with?

Understand the importance of the selfie camera sensor

Before getting into the details of the Oppo-F21 Pro selfie camera sensor, we need to understand why this element is so important in today’s smartphone world. Selfies have become an important part of our lives, capturing memorable moments with friends and family, as well as a way to express ourselves on social media. A high-quality selfie camera sensor can be critical to taking fast, stunning selfies.

Which flagship selfie camera sensor comes with the new OPPO F21 Pro?

Sony IMX309
Sony IMX109
Sony IMX209
Sony IMX709
OPPO F21 Pro uses the best Sony IMX709 selfie camera sensor. It is 60% more sensitive to light and reduces image noise by 35% compared to the previous generation Sony sensor. When taking a selfie, you will get a sharp and clear image.

Similar questions and answers

Does the Oppo F21 Pro selfie camera have image stabilization?

No, the Oppo-F21 Pro selfie camera does not have optical image stabilization (OIS). But it does offer electronic image stabilization (EIS) for smooth video recording.

Can I use the AI beauty feature for video calls?

Yes, the AI beauty feature is available for both photo and video calls, making you look your best during video calls.

How many megapixels is in the ultra wide selfie camera?

The Oppo F21 Pro’s ultra-wide-angle selfie camera has a resolution of 8 megapixels.

Does the Oppo F21 Pro have a front flash?

No, the Oppo F21 Pro does not have a dedicated front flash. However, it uses the display’s built-in flash to illuminate selfies in low-light conditions.

Can I record slow motion videos with the front camera?

Yes, the Oppo F21 Pro selfie camera supports up to 120 fps slow motion video, allowing you to capture fun and creative moments in style.

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