powell and sons phone number


Powell And Sons Phone Number:



12730 Woodrow Wilson St, Detroit, Michigan, 48238, United States

Company size:



$1 – 9 M




Powell & Sons Construction does not have a high rating which shows that this company is not well trusted by it’s customers. You can conclude this by some of the customer reviews below:

Customer Reviews

Source: bbb.org

George B

1 star (Dated: 06/22/2023)

This is a scam. The website is disguised as a single business but it is actually a means of sending out all of my personal information to multiple vendors who then start calling immediately. They all have no connection to the fictitious Powell & Son. The calls keep coming and there is no way to stop them!

Tammy F

1 star (Dated: 06/19/2023)

Just had the same thing happen to me. did the online estimate and received numerous calls from everyone but Powell. I refuse to use Angi or homeadvisor or whatever name they come up with ever again

Crystal D

1 star (Dated: 06/17/2023)

HORRIBLE! Not a real company. They collect info to give you a quote – never get a quote but get calls left and right from companies OTHER than the one I requested a quote from.

Charles F

1 star (Dated: 06/12/2023)

Called for broken window replacement and filled out “get estimate” page. No hone number or address listed. Got a call back from Philadelphia trying to sell four or more replacement windows

Jessica G

1 star (Dated: 06/09/2023)

Evidently this website is disguised to look like a stand alone business. Instead, they are simply acting as a referral service for contractors. I received a phone call immediately after requesting a quote, and when I asked if he was calling from Powell and Sons, he said he got a my information from Angi’s. If I had wanted to go through Angi’s and field multiple calls I would have done that.

Andrea H

1 star (Dated: 06/07/2023)

Gives the impression of local contractor. Then 10 million companies contact you after Powell and Sons informs you they cannot handle the job. There is no way to contact them and STOP the calls. Very frustrating.

Scott M

1 star (Dated: 06/07/2023)

This is just a front for Angi’s list. Contacted them for a quote and got phone calls from everyone but them. If I wanted to go to angi I would have went to angi


1 star (Dated: 05/23/2023)

Operates from the website https:\\powellandsons.com The operation is a scam. All they do is send contact info to contractors who then inundate the user with calls. Apparently all they do is collect a fee from any company that pays for the contact info from people who engage powell and sons on their website. Total fraud.

Michael G

1 star (Dated: 05/18/2023)

Totally fake company, bombarded with Angi list calls . Should be closed down.

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